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The practice-based coaching method

Our method of teaching is through 'practice' rather than mainly following traditional classroom (theory-based) methods. Practice-based is knowledge that arrives from building experience, trial and error, discovery, mindfulness and reflection. This approach allows problem-solving as learners discover useful ways to apply accured knowledge. A mid-training and a post-evlauation offers learners an opportuntity to validate progress. Indeed your coach will provide tips, support and feedback throughout. Practice-based supports leaners taking the lead in their learning journey.


Crackerjack Coaching offers a full language audit  - an individual language needs analysis and a full placement test. After your FREE English placement test and analysis, a learning plan is agreed between you and your coach. We organise lessons to suit your busy schedule. You’ll practice grammar, pronunciation, learn business vocabulary and colloquial ‘business jargon’ via role-play, mock meetings, presentations and emailing.


One-to-One Solution - individual practice-based coaching sessions. A customised plan based on learner's objective is crafted before classes begin. Learners are coached through role-play, excercises, speaking and listening activities to progress quickly. We are happy to come to your venue at a regularly scheduled time.


Group Solution - for teams who are at similar proficiency levels, needs and objectives. Class size is kept small for more personalized attention and to maximize learner's productivity. We are happy to come to your venue at a regularly scheduled time.


Fast-Track Solution (intensive) - for teams or individuals seeking quick results. Preparing for an interview, meeting, presentation, speaking engagement, or other occassions. Your coach will ensure you are ready to perform with confidence. Flexible schedule or one-to five-day seminars focusing on all-practice buisiness skills: presenations or meetings.


All course material provided.

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Devenez acteur de votre parcours professionnel avec Le compte personnel de formation. 

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Placement test & analysis will identify your precise needs. Then together with your coach you'll define a road-map to success.


 - In-Company or a convient venue 

 - Skype,email and/or telephone

 - Individually, pairs or groups

 - Adopted to your learning style

 - Validate your progress at several points along the course.

 - Common European Framework of Reference for Language  (CEFR) is the foundation of our course design. Learn more: